" You Are An Embarassment And A Cheat" Woman Tells Her Husband Live On Air

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Josephine and John have been married for more than 2 years. They have never been blessed with a child because John claims that Josephine has been sleeping with men while pregnant, leading to all her miscarriages .

Despite being married for more than 8 years John has never taken Josephine to his parents. At first this was not an issue until after Josephine's dad passed on.

As expected, John was supposed to inform his family about the death of the father in law so that they can offer their support to Josephine and her family. John never did that, he didn't even bother to go and be with his wife on this difficult moments.

Josephine travelled home alone and went and Burried her father. After what has happened between her and the husband she decided not to go back to her husband. She stayed with her parents.

John went to a radio complaining that his wife went for burial and never came back. He claimed that the wife had been married to another husband. He wanted help to get his wife back.

When Josephine was called she told her truth without holding back. She believes her husband is a failure and she is angry that after she went to burry her dad, John Brought her best friend to her home and they started having an affair. She was angry that her husband has never tried to even pay dowry Despite staying with her for 8 years.

She was furious that her husband used to call her mother at 2 in the morning and insult her.

At this point Josephine doesn't believe that her husband loves her. But the husband wants her to come back and although Josephine doesn't believe there is love there, she gave him a last chance.

Do you believe there is love in this marriage?


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