Raila Gives A very Touching Story About, John Mwavuda, His Prison Guard He Met Today at Mbololo


One of the most touching storyline in the autobiography of the former Prime Minister Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga was during his detention. Just like any ordinary Kenyans would be arrested, he, Raila Odinga was also arrested for several years. While in prison he did not receive any preferential treatments, he actually experienced some of the worst prison ordeals.

Today during their political meeting at Mbololo in Taita Taveta County, Raila Odinga got an opportunity to meet John Mwavuda, the man who happened to be his prison guard. On his Facebook page, the former Prime Minister has revealed how Mwavuda was of much assistance to him during his hard times he prison. He said he Mwavuda used to give him pieces of tissue paper that he used to right letter to his loved ones. The man also acted at his link to outside friends and families. He has promised to do anything that would make Mwavuda happy since he owes him alot. Here is the copy of his post.

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