Rastafarianism Is The Largest Religion In Ghana- A Plus


The is of Rastafarianism in the past few days seems to be far from over as more individuals keep expressing their opinions on the matter.

Kwame Asare Obeng, widely known as A Plus, has asserted that, if Rastafarian religion automatically makes the individual a weed (marijuana) smoker, then that religion is the largest in the country.

Taking to his Facebook page, he took exception to how people occupying high positions in the country indulge in smoking of same and turn around to criticize the act.

It is not clear if A Plus’ reaction is a response to a member of parliament who suggested that, smoking of marijuana is a practice in the Rastafarian religion.

All this brouhaha comes at the back of the refusal of Achimota Senior High School to admit a student because of his dreadlocks. The student, Tyrone Marhguay and his family argues that, their religion(Rastafarianism) implores them to keep their hair and so he does not intend to cut the hair just to get Admitted into Achimota Senior High School.

An initial directive from GES to get them admitted was rescinded after NAGRAT and the old students association of the school petitioned against same.

Meanwhile, two sisters of Tyrone Marhguay, who were initially admitted at the Saint John’s Senior High School face withdrawal if they fail to get their hairs cut as well.

Guardians of the students have served notice to pursue the case in court as opinions are sharply divided in the public domain.

It is rumored that, some schools are chasing these brilliant Rastafarian students with scholarships.

Will keep you updated.

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