In a functioning state these youngsters are supposed to be at work or running their businesses

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There is only one political party in Zimbabwe which has a monopoly on public demonstrations, political violence and the right to loud impunity after that, If it were any other political party that beat up people or destroyed cars, the police would have been there like lightening, this is so wrong, this is not the kind of society that we want

Why are they blaming Chamisa of Zimbabwe's sanctions? If he is the one to set them free from sanctions then why not voting for him. The pictures of these criminals must be posted everywhere. Sooner or later, people shall get to know them by their names, there is gonna be pay back time. This level of barbarism by Zanu PF can only be stopped by the people, ZANU PF with its associates shld fall this is not the type of communities want to live in this 20th century In a functioning state these youngsters are supposed to be be at work or running their businesses, but in Zimbabwe they are paid a few dollars for beer and drugs just to disrupt, you will never stop the youth wave with your bare hands. How can people so young be so gullible, you have bigwigs throwing parties whilst these easily swayed are busy destroying property

Are these people normal, after all the looting of public funds by the Zanu Pf government they still blame sanctions. Yet the ones who are holding those banners are hungry unfocused youths, busy saying Chamisa brought sanctions to Zimbabwe. Now that they have stopped Nelson Chamisa from going in, they will go back home to the hunger while the one who sent them is living the lavish lifestyle, these people must wake up and stop this nonsense that don't benefit no one, it is bad for the youth to behave like this

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