Now That Arewa Youths Already Issued 72-Hour Ultimatum To Igboho, This Is What FG Should Do

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Barely 24 hours after Sunday Igboho beckoned on Yoruba people in the North to come back home, the Arewa youths gave the Yorubas a 72 hours ultimatum to leave.

It is clear that Sunday Igboho’s statement triggered the youths in the North and as a result they have decided to take action.DSS denies attempting to arrest Sunday Igboho - Mirror African Diaspora

This is a very sensitive time for the Nigerian Goverment as it must ensure Nigeria's Unity without taking actions that will further increase the divide.

What the goverment should do, instead of escalating tensions is to create dialogue, to bring interest groups round a table to air directly to themselves their views with an objective of finding common ground and establishing common values.

When citizens know that government actively promotes dialogue in the land you will see credible associations springing up all over the place with strong mandates from their constituents, just as you have the NAACP or UNIDOS in the States.

The Nigeria authorities in either to foster cross sectional dialogue or dialogue themselves with their citizens in a constant, deliberate, institutional manner.

Why is government always either ambivalent until violence is the last resort or act violently themselves against their people. Are we not all sick and tired of constant bloodshed and depravity.

There are many, many countries out there who have longer running, deeper and more intractable sectional, ethnic and religious chasms but they all seem to be able to focus their energies on corporate development instead.

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