The origin of belief


Have you ever wondered why man needs a relationship with a higher spiritual being as a way of life or better still why man believes in the necessity of being in contact with an invisible being or entity.

Were we created as a race to be independent beings or to be dependent on beings far advanced than we are. Are there truly powerful and enlightened entities who existed before the creation of mankind and this universe as a whole.

If so, then what is truly the purpose of mankind's existence on this universe, what is our role in the grand scheme of things.

Various answers have been put up in attempts to explain our presence here on earth. For example, to the Christian it is to know and have fellowship with God, to the Muslim it is to know and worship Allah, to the Buddhist it is to attain the state of Nirvana (an end of all suffering), to the Eckist it is to become spiritually free and a co-worker of God etc. Each of these groups have undeniably believe their accounts to be completely true.

There truth is there can be only one truth, and as to whether we were meant to know or not is a mystery we are yet to unfold.