'I like being myself' Famous politician love for sigara kubwa


As the rastafarian society were filling a petition to seeking to be allowed to smoke marijuana as a process to connect with their maker,former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko took to his social media handles to express what he smokes.

The former flamboyant Nairobi governor openly showed his love for sigara kubwa or cigar through his social media pages as he took time to differentiate between sigara kubwa and marijuana.

'But mujue there's a very big difference between sigara kubwa or cigar and marijuana or Bangi which is yet to be legalised in Kenya while sigara kubwa or cigar is available at all tobacco selling outlet including the small tobacco shop at 680 hotel and some duty free shops at the wilson,Jkia and Moi international airports.'

He further added'I love my life and i like my being myself hi navuta sai ndio sigara kubwa or cigar .Enjoy the rest of your day'Wrote Mike Sonko

Netizens were left shocked after the governor shared pictures smoking sigara kubwa and others concluded his action could affect his future political ambitions and that the governor doesnt fit to be a role model.

Josephmigwe kenya_public@operanewshub.com