Men, Here Are Six Important Things That Every Woman Wants In a Relationship


They say that when a woman loves, she loves for real, it is true. It is not easy for a woman to love but when she does give you her heart, she fully does it. Sometimes men might get confused when a woman fully loves them. They may wonder what to give in return.

Some men may say that women love money, but that is not true. Even if it is, few of them love you because of your wallet. Here are five important things that every woman want in a relationship;


Every woman wants to be loved. Even the Bible says that a man should love his woman as the woman submits. As she loves you for real as we earlier said, she expects you to reciprocate. No woman will stay where she is not loved.

2. Complement

Women love being complemented on little things. If she cooks good food, complement her. If she wears that dress, make sure you complement her. Even if she goes to make her hair, tell her how beautiful she looks in that hairstyle. For sure if you do that as a man, a woman will want to strive to be better than she was yesterday.

3. Respect.

Women don't sit at tables where respect is not served. In most cases, women respect their men, except for a few individuals. Therefore, as a man, respect her especially when you are outside. Make sure you do not tell outsiders bad things about your woman.

4. Appreciation.

Ladies love men who appreciate them. As a man, the way you treat your woman will show if you appreciate the fact that she is in your life or not. If does that small thing, appreciate her. She might have denied herself a lot to make sure she gives you, therefore, appreciate.

5. Encouragement.

As a man, always encourage your lady to be a better person. If she has an idea, don't negatively criticise her. Make sure you encourage her and tell her that she can do it. If she fails, tell her that it is not the end of life, she should dust herself and keep going.

6. Protection.

A man should be a protector to his lady. Protect her from the public and correct her in private if she does a mistake. Always assure her that you got her incase of anything.

If the above six things are done, majority of women will deliver their best in the relationship. Don't forget to share and educate a friend too.


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