George Floyd Finally Gets Justice As Killer Cop, Derek Chauvin Bags 22.5 Years In Jail

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It has been confirmed that the former police officer, who killed George Floyd on a Minneapolis street, last year, has been sentenced to twenty two and half years imprisonment. According to CNN, the ex-cop was sentenced on Friday, 25tj of June, 2021. 

Before the sentence was imposed, Chauvin Derek the former police officer who killed Floyd, spoke briefly, as he offered his condolences to the family and loved ones of the late George Floyd. This is going to be a thing of relief to a lot of people, because, a lot of people have been waiting for justice to be served, after the incident happened last year. 

The late George Floyd, who was killed by the former police officer, on the street, was reportedly choked to death, during his arrest, despite the fact that he pleaded that he couldn’t breath.

The late George Floyd lost his life, while he was being arrested by the former police officer, last year. It was reported that the ex-cop pinned down the late George Floyd, while pressing Floyd’s neck with his knee. The late George Floyd pleaded with the former police officer, telling him that he could not breath properly in that position, but, his plea was not considered by Chauvin, as the ex-cop maintained the position, which led to Floyd’s death. 

After Floyd’s death, a lot of people stood up and went out to protest, on the case of police brutality on black people. This started a movement, called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). The protest was very popular that some other countries joined in the protest.

It was after this that the cops that were involved, got arrested and charged. Derek Chauvin, who is the main suspect of the crime, finally got sentenced to 22.5 years imprisonment, on the 25th of June, 2021. 

This is to show that the BLM movement was effective, as the family of the late George Floyd finally got justice.

Source: CNN

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