"I Want To Be A Shoulder You Can Cry On" - Lady Pens Down Open Letter To Bill Gates


A lady has left people in shock a few hours after she pens down a letter to bill gates just a few hours after he announced that both he and his wife have agreed to divorce each other.

The lady who is identified as Zethu used his Twitter platform to tell him how she felt. According to her, she wants him to see her as someone he can lean on, a shoulder he can cry on. She further said that she has always admired him as he has always been her type of man.

See her post below;

The lady who didn't say much about herself is believed to be a Kenyan according to her profile, and it is largely believed that the reason why she was bold enough to make her feelings known to him is that he is currently single.

We hope she gets a favorable reply from the Microsoft boss.

What do you think about her actions? Do you think she will get a favorable reply? Leave comments in the comment section below.

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