I Am not a Saint- Whitemoney

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Whitemoney whose real name is Hazel Onou, is very popular in the ongoing BBNaija reality TV show. He has won the attention of the people and most individuals have even concluded that he will be the winner of the prize.

He recently spoke up how his name came about. According to him, he said that the name was given to him by God. Queen argued that the name was not given to him by God rather his friends. However, Whitemoney maintained that all he wanted from her is that she should believe. Whitemoney went further to say that the name was given to him in a dream and when he woke up the name was on his lips.

Queen also maintained that though she didn't agreed with the story but how he was controversial since she hadn't seen him in any negative light. Whitemoney in his response said, "I am not a saint, I do bad things every day and you just need to focus before you understand those things I do."

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