Current South African footballers should learn from Percy Tau. OPINION

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Soccer is probably one of the followed sports in the world , beautifully so for spectators but for the soccer players it is indeed a sweet and very short career. It is a very short career without any pension or any sort of retirement plan. It is indeed a high paying job professional footballers earn a decent salary , for few years but that all ends as soon the contract runs out there is no other source of income. We all want that flash lifestyle live in mansions and drive fancy cars but it is also important to invest your money , and prepare for life after football which many players don't do because they lose their way due to fame and the spotlight.

For many soccer players all they know is kick the ball but most of them don't have any sorts of skills outside the field of play. In football it's highly common that players retire at the age of 35 years , there are very few players who manage to play beyond that age. So many ex footballers find themselves jobless after retirement and the money stops coming in because they no longer play , and that affects their livelihoods. We have seen so many ex players over years who are alleged to be struggling financially.

The struggle is real for some ex soccer players just imagine being jobless at the age of 35 without any formal skills. It's like starting off on a fresh page at the age of 35 without any certificates it's real tough. The unemployment rate is a very high in this country many people are looking for jobs. So who would hire a 35 or 40 year old without any skills and experience.

The soccer players of today should learn from Bafana Bafana forward Percy Tau. He became very popular at a very young age coming through the ranks at Sundowns , but he didn't allow fame and spotlight to deceive him. He continued studying until he attained his University Degree and Siboniso Gaxa did the same. I tell you these players are well off outside of football because they actually have a profession outside of football. They understands that football is a short term career so they prepare a brighter future for themselves.

However some players do invest their money and they become business owners , and so they never struggle they use that money earned in football to set themselves up for life after football. However the majority fail to do that , they literal struggle after retirement so my advice to today players is that invest in yourselves and in your future. Learn from likes of Steve Kompela , Sibonisa Gaxa , Jimmy Tau and Percy Tau. They studied hard and they invested their in businesses which is why they are doing pretty well today.

I can't imagine how stressful it is to know that you actually earned millions throughout your career and blew all off on luxurious things which are temporary. That is why many of them suffer from depression because the struggle is real. I think those that have traveled the road should go back and teach others , so that we can build a better community. However people see things differently especially when it comes to such matters , well this is your platform and we do value your opinion you can leave a comment below and share your views.

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