“Alijiua" Caroline Kangogo's Father Breaks Silence, Reveals This Infront of Kenyans(Video)


Caroline Kangogo's death takes a new shift as father allegedly reveals how her daughter made her death on 16th July 2021 early in the morning.

Speaking on one of the famous TV stations , Citizen TV, Caroline Kangogo's Father, Barnabas Kibor, denied the rumours circulating on social media platforms that her daughter was killed.

He claimed that her daughter killed herself inside their bathroom.

Many people denied news that was announced by Inspector General Of police George Natembeya that Caroline had commited suicide.

‘Msichana wangu alijiua. Kwa sababu bafu ilikua imefungwa na upande wa ndani' said Caroline's father.

He further claimed that if someone had killed her daughter then the bathroom would not have been locked from inside.

“Caroline alifikishwa nyumbani usiku na bodaboda" He added.

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