Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice Writes A Song To His Toxic Ex Lover.

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By Brenda.

A number of people have exes: of course there is that ex that doesn't want you to move on and is always on your case, the one that shoots you down every single chance they get, the ex that will find it amusing to talk bad about you before his or your friends. Exes are just part of life.

Swat writes and sings a song about a toxic Ex. We are led to believe that creatives mimic what happens in their lives hence our alleged assumptions.

Ex is about Shekinah and Swat Matire's dating life. It starts all lovey dovey but the relationship stumbles amid mistrust and physical abuse. Naive Shekinah walks out on Swat but the two meet up coincidentally at a joint. In the song EX they engage in the most brutal Diss battle as they exchange words on how their relationship was and ended.

Love is a powerful drug, whether it's the love of family, friends or that special person who takes your breath away; chances are you know the feeling. But what happens when it all goes wrong? What if the relationship is toxic, do you break up then make up? Or do you just walk away?

I'd recommend you give EX by Swat Matire featuring Shekinah a listen sometime, you won't get enough of it.

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