Prison Break Or Money Heist Which Is The Best?


Money Heist is a 2017 TV action/drama series about a criminal driving force by the name of The Professor who intends to pull off the greatest heists in history by getting into the Royal Mint of Spain and printing heaps of money. The cash is effectively shipped though with a few 'setbacks'.

Prison Break, is a 2005 action/dramatization zeroing in on an engineer who perpetrates wrongdoing to get himself in jail to save his erroneously denounced brother from a death sentence. Prison Break has about six main characters who are led by Michael Scofield. My favorite character is T Bag, he plays his role so well throughout the movie. He is always aware of every move the Scofield is planning to make.

If you have not watched them yet, with the measure of time individuals are spending at home during this pandemic, it is time to try them out now.

Between these two series which one do you think is the best?