Pictures of mtumba clothes you should try to avoid buying and reason why they are dangerous.


Mtumba clothes are the cheapest and affordable clothes that most people opt to buy. However, cheap can be expensive since the some of the mtumba clothes can transmit deadly diseases. The following are few examples of mtumba clothes you should avoid buying.

1. Underwear and bras.

This types of inner wear should be avoided from buying second hand clothes. This is because underwear or bras touches the inner part of the body and may cause infections when bought. Some of this inner second clothes may transmit diseases if someone was affected with it.

2. Towels.

Towels are also another type of mtumba clothes you should avoid buying. This is because maybe the person who was using the items may have skin infections hence may transmit to you when you use. Towels are personal items so avoid mtumba towels.

3. Shoes.

Sometimes, mtumba clothes we wear may have foot diseases or infections hence transmit it to you. Foot disease are likely to be caused by mtumba shoes so it is better to buy new shoes.

4. Swimming costumes.

Swimming costumes are also harmful to our body when we use the mtumba type. This is because they may carry skin or water diseases and transmit it to you.

5. Hats.

Hats are likely to carry hair products remnant,skin infections that may be transmitted to you when you wear them.

The above are examples of mtumba clothes you should avoid buying.Cheap sometimes can be expensive so try to buy new ones. For more questions about the mtumba clothes you should avoid, kindly comment and also share the information to the rest.


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