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The Ghana Armed Forces is a unified armed forces of Ghana, consisting of the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Each arm of the Ghana Armed Forces has its own ranking system. The Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Force is the president.

The Ghana Army is the main ground warefare organizational military branch of the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Ghana Army is very renouned in the African continent and the world at large. This is due to the active roles they play in peace keeping operations across the globe.

It is incumbent on every Ghanaian to have knowledge of the Ghana Army ranking. The Ghana Army ranking is subdivided into

1. Officers ranks

2. Enlistment ranks

The Officers category is the management and planning hierarchy of the Ghana Armed Forces. They are ranked in descending order as follows:

1. General

2. Lieutenant General

3. Major General

4. Colonel

5. Lieutenant Colonel

6. Major

7. Captain

8. Lieutenant

10. Second Lieutenant

The enlistment ranks on the other hand are military personnel who are duty-bearers. They take instructions from the Officer ranks. They are ranked in descending order as follows:

1. Chief Warrant Officer

2. Warrant Officer class I

3. Warrant Officer class II

4. Staff sergeant

5. Sergeant

6. Corporal

7. Lance Corporal

8. Private

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