Is This Russian Art Enthusiast A Match For Minicheps? (Photos)


If you love Minicheps art work, then you will probably fall in love with this Russian's work too. Advancement of technology in the art industry has produced some really talented photo editors who produce mind blowing edited pictures.

This Russian lady going by the Instagram handle @chertulova does tremendous photo editing, and I have picked up some of her best pieces. What makes this artist stand out from Minicheps is that besides posting her edited snaps, she also gives her fans a glimpse of how she comes up with such photos. I would like to clarify that I'm not pitting two art lovers against each other, and that both this lady's and Minicheps art work is exemplary. Here are some of Chertulova's best edited photos:

What do you make of this lady's art? Do you think she is a match for Minicheps or she is better? Share your opinions below and also don't forget to share this with fellow art lovers.


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