The importance to vegetables on a meal and how to present your plate

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The importance to vegetables on a meal, the only a few but effective on a meal.

Imagine the plate without vegetables, it could be plain, tasteless and lack of appetizing look. It is important to give a meal good preparation to allow who ever will be eating get appetite just by looking at your food.

Usually people prefer making salad with the vegetables because some are tasteless so but when you add mayonnaise on them you give them that colso taste, just like cabbage and carrots. Though carrots have taste its only cabbage that is kinda plain.

Its a friendly tip cop you cabbage and grate your carrots then mix together with mayonnaise and have a colorful coslo.

Vegetables are healthy and it is recommended that people should eat them almost every day for the benefit of their bodies. Women are recommended to eat beetroot because it add blood.

Each and every vegetable has its own purpose to surve, it is only to make people stronger and healthier some contain a lot of iron, but all the minerals are good to human body.

It is good to make chakalaka with all the ingredients and chop the vegetables in larger peaces so that when you cook it doesn't loose the taste and the protein. Such as onions and green pappers when fried.

Sometimes leave pap and try potatoes just mix them with mayonnaise potatoes are also healthy contain of starch and iron.

Presentation is important too look at our mogodu with pap, tomatoes sald chakalaka and spinach. This is very mouth watering plate you just get hungry by looking at the meal.

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