It Is Now Iniobong Is Dead That Job Offers Are Coming - Friend Laments

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We all probably know the sad story of Iniobong Umoren, the young lady who lost her life in Akwa-Ibom while looking for a job. She was reported to have been killed by Udak Frank Akpan, the man who lured her in with the promise of making her a secretary at his farm.

Her best friend, Umoh Udak, was a huge help in the case and it was through her efforts that late Iniobong's body was found.

Well, Umoh recently reacted to job offers coming from different places after the death of her best friend. She expressed her sadness and anger that when Iniobong was alive, she made posts, saying she was looking for a job that pays the least 35k in a month. According to her, Iniobong wanted to keep herself busy until she leaves for NYSC camp.

She went further to say that despite all the posts her friend made, no one came to her aid but it's now that she's dead that Job offers are coming.

Recall that Iniobong's sister was reportedly given a job this week. I believe this is what led Umoh Udak to make her post.

Photos of Iniobong's sister being offered a job

Nigerians reacted to her post. Many understood her reasons for saying such. They said that it is unfortunate people come out to help when it's too late. See their comments below

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