"Those Who Support Secession Would Be The First To Run Away If Any Problem Starts"- Lai Muhammad


The Minster of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammed appeared on Bond FM radio programme in Lagos and he talked about the challenges that Nigeria is currently facing. The minister also talked about the people who are calling for secession and he said that those who support separation and secession would be the first to run away if any problems starts, he also urged Nigerians not to listen to promoters of secession.

Lai Muhammed said that many of those "promoters of secession" have about four passports of other countries and they shouldn't be taking seriously, adding that they would be the first to run away if problems starts. The minster also made it clear that unites Nigeria is more than the issues threatening it's continued existence.

"That we have ethnicity issues is not new, IPOB, Boko Haram, farmers-herders are not new. We are aware of them, all we must do is look for a way forward and the government is working on it. Secession is not the way out of our challenges, you don't cure headache by beheading the patient," Lai Muhammed said.

The minster made it clear that the government is working to tackle the challenges that Nigeria is facing but Nigerians shouldn't listen to promoters of secession because it's not the way out.

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