Raila Odinga Caution Candidates In Azimio Reveals What Might Deny Azimio Victory Ahead Of August

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August general elections are gearing in as the clock ticks every second. Coalitions have opted to strategize their win against competitors. Each team is branding a new way of defeating the other coalition, with Kenya kwanza and Azimio la Umoja being the main contestants in August.

Azimio la Umoja coalition has prioritized settling for one Candidate in each seat both at the national and county levels seats. However, the move by the Azimio council has brought about many rejections with some claiming the, move to weed out weak candidates as being unfair.

Speaking through a local radio station in Siaya, Raila Odinga claimed that no candidate will be forced to step down in favor of the other. However, if that will not happen then Azimio might end up losing most of the county-level seats to their Competitors.

Odinga argued that there shall be open negotiations in the Strongholds or areas where the Azimio brigade enjoys more than 70 percent, to ensure that some Aspirants step down in favor of other parts.

This comes after Jubilee Mathare MP Aspirant singer Bahati refused to step down in favor of the ODM MP Antony Oluoch. The Azimio presidential flagbearer is in the Nyanza region, seeking support from the home counties, he urged residents to elect ODM candidates as this will help him as a president to have a strong mandate in the government.

"Don't shame me please, this is my home county, try and elect aspirants from ODM as this will help me in power-sharing after elections".This move came after allegations emerged that ODM candidates from the Region were facing a hard time in their campaigns.


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