Beautiful and stylish Ankara short gown styles


African Wax Prints which is popularly known as Ankara material or Dutch wax fabrics is a traditional or common material used for clothing in Africa.

They are traditionally made cotton fabric with colorful prints with batik inspired printing. Ankara is use to make most of the clothing materials in Africa and it is gradually spreading across the World

This fabric cone in different quality, color, color combinations and art works. This fabric is mostly used for Asoebi cloth. Asoebi is a family uniform or guest uniform for funeral, weddings and other events

Let's take a look at these beautiful short gown styles made with Ankara fabric

Among the many styles to sew with the Ankara fabric is the short gown style. This style is sewn to reach the knee length.

As seen in the pictures, there are different styles and designs that can be done with this style to make it look unique and beautiful

This style is suitable for most occasions, events and office work. You could try out these beautiful styles for yourself.

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