Captain Smart Is A Genius; Check How He Played The Drums For Francis Amo To Sing

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Captain Smart is with no doubt a very intelligent journalist and one of the best media personalities that the country has ever had. But aside his journalism capabilities, he is also a very good drummer.

Blessed Godsbrain Smart on Onua TV Maakye program was seen drumming seriously. The way he was playing the drums shows that, he has been doing it for years and he is a professional.

He was behind the drums playing for Ghanaian gospel musician, Francis Amo. Francis Amo and his group sang better because they got a better drummer in the person of Captain Smart.

Captain Smart was supposed to start his Maakye program but before that he had to play the drums for the gospel musician to sing.

Onua TV presenter, Captain Smart played the drums like a very professional drummer. This proves that, he is not only a good journalist but also a very talented drummer.

Check the link below to see how he played the drums.

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