Check out the pictures of Mazet from Gomora in real life - SA Actress is living a good life

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Sphesihle Ndaba is a professional South African actress who has gain herself some recognition after playing a role in one of the biggest local drama series' in the country, Gomora.

A lot of people probably knows her as Mazet, which is the character that she is playing at the moment.

Mazet in Gomora, is a young girl who is a gangster, grew up in Alexandra. She is working for Mam' Sonto, who also used to be a gangster.

After a lot of things happened, Mam' Sonto decided to change her ways and left the hijacking life.

However, that did not sit well to Mazet and decided to associate herself with the well-known gangster, London and also Don.

She then developed some feelings for Don, however, Don was not interested. Things heated up and Mam' Sonto ended up being shot.

Apart from playing a role at Gomora show, Sphesihle Ndaba is living a wonderful life in the real world. Check out her pictures:

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