Trending- Captain Smart ‘spits’ more fire as he descends on government officials once again


Captain Smart has spoken about the fact that the country even though needs fixing, people are so self-centered to the extent that they think about their present situation and present comfort instead of thinking of what may happen in the future.

Captain Smart has received help from other Ghanaians as they fight towards the progress and development of the country.

Captain Smart claims if the Npp and Ndc are going to ride on his words and outspokenness then he has no problem. This is because these people will politicize these words from him and anything they could find their hands on.

The country’s progress is a very key thing to look at and this is a burden on the shoulders of many patriotic Ghanaians.

If a person is in government and doing something dubious he shouldn’t think I will let him be because of his threats. He shouldn’t think i will not speak about him anymore so he can now do as he pleases.

Once you’re a Ghanaian and is against the development of the country, I will descend on you- Captain stated.

Captain smart further praised some sectors in