"VAccine Endorsement Gig Is R20 000." Ntsiki Mazwai Reveals

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Being one of the most fearless South African public figures, Ntsiki Mazwai is always in the spotlight due to her social media posts(Tweet). The controversial media personality is currently in the spotlight following her tweet concerning the covid-19 vaccines, Ntsiki made some serious claims which may potentially affect the vaccine rollout plans throughout South Africa.

She accused the department that is responsible for vaccine rollout of dishing out money to media personalities to convince the public into taking their jabs. Ntsiki went as far as disclosing the alleged amount of money that those who normally endorse the vaccines receive; it's R 20 000, or at least that's according to her.

Ntsiki provided no further context as to who or what her sources are and that led to the rumors that she might be one of those who were approached by the departments about the endorsement of the covid-19 vaccine. One of the main reasons why departments may decide to pay public figures to endorse vaccines has to be the influence behind these media personalities, it is virtually easy for them to convince the nation of South Africa to accept vaccinations.

This was possibly a necessary step from the departments in charge of vaccination pro verses as it was outlined that the majority of the South Africa population is still not vaccinated. That is regardless of the constant growth in the number of newly confirmed cases or daily fatalities. Another reason this move was needed is due to the controversial negativity that surrounded the whole ideologies of vaccinations, a lot of people throughout South Africa(and the world) have been wondering whether covid-19 vaccines are healthy or not.

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