"We Visited Ruto With Karua Several Times" Gloves Off As Ndii Spilt Beans Few Hours After Nomination

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Kenyan politics have taken a new twist after yesterday's move by the Azimio la Umoja and Kenya Kwanza camps. Hon. Raila Odinga made a historical announcement when he picked Senior Council honorable Martha Karua to be his running mate. The iron lady Martha Karua is known to be a determined person who has been fighting for the freedom of Kenyans and democracy.

After her appointment by Raila Odinga, economist David Ndii has emerged with a powerful message to all Kenyans. According to David Ndii, Kenyans are advised not to fight each other for the sake of politicians.

David Ndii has claimed that, during the BBI hearing, David Ndii used to sit with Martha Karua and Kivutha Kibwana in William Ruto's Karen residence. According to him, they were strategizing for the defeat of Building Bridges Initiative bill (BBI). David Ndii has also alleged that Kibwana Kivutha and Martha Karua we're eager contenders for his running mate.

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