7 Different Types of Husbands: Which Are You Married To?


Many women believe that "all men are the same," which isn't true. There are different types of men out there, just as there are different types of women, and it is recommended that you know the type of man you want to settle with. The best time to do so is while you're still single, but if you're already married, you'll need to read this to adjust and know how to deal with your type of man.

1. Career Husband

These men are goal-oriented. They are primarily concerned with their careers and are always on the go. This type of man spends less time with his family and does not think twice about his business trip decisions. The advantage of this type of man is that his wife and children will hardly lack money. If you are currently married to this type of man, I recommend that you pray for him to change. If not, he may file for divorce later in the future if friends persuade him.

2. Good and God fearing

Every woman desires this type of man. They are compassionate, loving, understandable, and God-fearing. He never once made his wife feel unloved. He cares about his wife and children because he understands how to balance work and family life so that everyone gets their fair share of time.

3. Mummy’s boy

Their mother has complete control over them. They can't make a decision on their own; even if his wife asks for money, he must seek permission from his mother before deciding whether or not to give it to her. In fact, his mother is the one who decides how many children they should have and when they should have them.

4. Authoritative and unromantic husband

This type of husband is typically unromantic and bossy. He believes he is the head of the family and that his wife is not required to give her opinion whenever he speaks. His brain isn't ready to learn, and if his wife tries to correct him, they'll have a problem that day.

5. The Cheater Husband

This type of of man is a descendant of King Solomon, he is polygamous in nature. No matter how good his wife is, he will still chase after other women outside. It's in his nature to be insatiable, so they end up with a slew of side chicks. Even if his wife gives him ten rounds in a row, he will still run after another lady the next day.

6. Weakling Partner

This type of man easily get influence because they are unable to make decisions on their own even a child can convince him over what he promised to do for his partner. Before he does anything, you can see him seeking advice from various people. They also barely provide for their family and rely on their wife to do the necessary.

7. The Too Religious

If you have a minor disagreement with him, you will automatically become a prayer point. He doesn't satisfy his wife on bed and and if she dares to complain, they can go months without having any intercourse. When his children require medical attention, he would rather pray than go to the hospital.

Is there any one missing from the list? You can add yours.

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