"Small 4-5 chases all my women away" cries a 36 years old man

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He is 36 years of age yet is as yet a v!rgin. Furthermore, this wasn't by decision. Ladies drop him like a hot potato when they see his tiny 4-5!

The tortured man from Eden Park, Ekurhuleni, is currently looking for help to grow his part.

He said he's spent more than R5 000 attempting to augment his part, with no achievement.

He disclosed to Day by day Sun: "I can't live like this any longer. I presently don't ask women out. It's humiliating."

He doesn't care for going out with companions any longer.

"I'm at a phase where I lock myself up in my room constantly," he said.

He and his more blessed pals some of the time meet women who're willing to return home with them.

"I can't stand another dismissal! A portion of my companions think about my concern," he said.

"They do attempt to keep my expectations up, yet I can't continue harming myself like this."

The man once dated somebody for a very long time, and she evaporated after she saw his 4-5.

He said he'd generally eliminate her hand at whatever point she attempted to contact his 4-5.

"I'd reveal to her I didn't need us to hurry into things, however she got drained and stressed she was worn out and underlined she was prepared," he said.

"At the point when I chose to get physically involved with her, she asked what wasn't right with me when I took my pants off."

He said she went about as though she saw, yet that was the last time he saw her.

"She even hindered me via web-based media," he said.

His sibling said he didn't have the foggiest idea how to support him.

He said he took him to somebody who professed to be a specialist.

They paid R1 500, yet the man disappeared with their cash.

"I'm truly miserable for my sibling. I trust somebody offers him help," said the sibling.

A companion said he spurred him to ask women out as he needed to keep his spirits up.

"Whenever wedded men with little 4-5s can get spouses, so can he. He simply needs to fire opening up."


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