Lucy Hale Spills On 'Pretty Little Liars' Reboot.


Lucy Hale just opened up about a possible 'Pretty Little Liars' reunion, reboot or sequel with the original cast and revealed why the show is still so important to her even all these years later.

Pretty little liars first came out over a decade ago at this point, but even all these years later more and more fans are discovering the show for the first time. And the significance of us all binge watching the series over and over again never get old for the cast members like Lucy Hale. In a recent interview with the today show on their instagram live series Tomorrow x Today, she reavealed how much it means to her that people still watch the show and how much she still identifies her character Aria.

And while the PLL cast has all gone onto work on countless other projects, lucy said that she will always be grateful for the and look back on it fondly. So does that mean we could be getting some sort of reboot, reunion or sequel with the original cast. As fans know, the show did get a spin off, the Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, but it was cancelled after only one season and had a completely different cast. So naturally we were all excited to hear what Lucy had to say about the getting the original cast back together. As fans recall the cast did a virtual reunion last year, but Lucy would like to get the cast all back together in the same room.

And Lucy isn't the first PLL cast member to show interest in a person reunion or reboot or even movie. Last year, Shay Mitchell echoed Lucy's sentiment almost exactly in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. We are so ready for the Pretty Little Liars cast to all get back together again in person. I feel like talking about this forever but now we've just ready to see it happen.

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