2 Vehicles Catch Fire in a Tragic Road Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles Along a Busy Highway

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There was a deadly road accident at Kaburengu area in Bongoma County involving multiple vehicles.

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Two of the vehicles were reported to have caught fire in the crash after a scary head-on collision between them

The accident happened at a bridge that is considered a black spot. The bridge is reported to be too narrow and near a steep slope, making it potentially dangerous for motorists operating in the area.

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Reports revealed that a probox was overtaking a slow moving puck up on the narrow bridge. The probox's driver was unaware of an oncoming truck which was heavily loaded. The truck driver was unable to control the vehicle which eventually ran over the probox before dragging it for almost 20m.

The probox caught fire and the lorry in question got half burned. The accident also involved other multiple vehicles in the scene. Police arrived there to help casualties off the vehicle wreckages and rushed them to the hospital.

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Scores are feared dead in the tragic incident as operations are on to save those who were stuck in the vehicles. Motorists have since been warned to be extra cautious while driving along the road.

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