All Customers Should Take Note Of This Important Announcement From GCB


All Customers Should Take Note Of This Important Announcement From GCB

The banking sector has witnessed so many transformations over the past few years.

The collapse of some financial institutions due to their minimum capital requirement is now a thing of the past, and has led to the reduction of banks within the country.

Besides that, so many transformations take place within every financial institution and the changes are all the time communicated to customers using online bank channels or personal contact.

The transformation ranges from bank products, customer service, notifications concerning bank account details.

Ghana Commercial Bank is one financial institution that holds a reputable position in the country.

They are publicly notifying customers on some new initiatives in regard to customer account services.

The bank has indicated that henceforth, any transaction made on the account of all customers of the bank, will be followed by SMS alerts to the mobile phone which was used to register for the account transaction with the bank.

This initiative is one that will ensure the bank offers excellent and reliable services to customers to ensure their funds are safeguarded.

The bank also advised customers to any alert in connection with transactions that have not been initiated by the bank, or any customer service of the financial institution.

I will encourage every reader to share this information to make others aware of this essential information.


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