Pain As Anne Kansime Announces Father's Death

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Ugandan born celebrated comedian Anne Kansime is mourning the death of her father. 

She broke the sad news on her Facebook page. She, however, made the announcement in a cheeky way, stating that long-distance relationship is very difficult, hence her dad had gone to be with her mother.

The entertainer lost her mother last, few months after welcoming her daughter. 

Sadly, her mother's burial was not as big as expected as it was conducted at a time when Uganda was under strict rules to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19

The country had banned social gatherings as the burial was done according to the directives by the ministry of health. 

According to Anne, her mother's burial was a chance to celebrate a life well lived. Instead of mourning, she was recorded in a video dancing around the coffin just before her mother was put to rest.

She also appreciated those who offered her support. 

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