Kenyans react after an MP shares photos with a Tattoo


Earlier today Embakasi North Member of Parliament, HE Babu Owino received his first jab of the coronavirus vaccine taking pictures and sharing them to Kenyans urging them to get out and participate in taking the Vaccine.

However Kenyans on social media could not keep quiet after they spotted a tattoo on the arm of the legislature. It was a shock to Kenyans for a Leader to have such a piercing that is believed to be ungodly.

The Legislature who also took a photo with only the shirt and without the vest that is worn inside the shirt to reduce the amount of cold that is getting into the body. He got into an argument with Kenyans responding to their comments that wearing a vest is overloading of clothes making somone so uncomfortable.

Some of his followers asked him to pin location and they would offer the upper inner wear for free.


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