Opiyo Wandayi Led Committee Issues New Guidelines On Supplementary Budget.


The Public Accounts Committee which is led by Ugunja Member of Parliament Opiyo Wandayi have issued new guidelines for supplementary bedget.

The watchdog committee has stated that there will be no submission of Supplementary budget in Parliament within two months to the end of a financial year.

The legislators had adopted a report of the Budget and Appropriatins Committee(BAC) which banned the submission of mini budget beyond April 30.

This is after the committee had realised that most supplementary budget submitted in the house during that period of time had got expenditures which were not even needed.

The Budget and Appropriation Committee noted that submitting the supplementary budget too close to the end of a financial year, limited the role of National Assembly.

This is due to limited timelines to scrutinise the budget.The Public Accounts Committee(PAC) also noted that in the 20172018 financial year, only 90% of the estimated expenditure were utilised.

This saw ksh.270.95 billion not being utilised.

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