Strange Things People Do For Love - This Shows How Crazy Love Is


Love is one of the greatest force of the universe. It can cause you to do things you never imagined you could ever do. Everyone one wants to love and be loved. In other for one to get the attention of the one whom he or she loves, a lot of things go into that effort to make it a reality.

Some go a long way to spend huge sums of money, make lots of sacrifices, just to win someone over. Some scam and steal from others to satisfy the needs of their lovers. A picture was sighted on the internet where a woman who seem to either crippled or paralyzed was in a some sought of a wheel chair.

The lover of this woman, wanting for the woman to feel very comfortable had coiled himself into the seat of the wheelchair. This is undoubtedly the strangest and craziest thing someone can do, just for a lover to feel good. 


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