Causes Of Tongue Cracks You Didn't Know About


Cracked tongue is a rare condition, but the fissured tongue is a major cause which indicate several conditions. It is also a symptom of a particular ailment.

These condition occurs when some narrow channels or depressions appear on the tongue surface. It can affect anybody but mostly it's in older persons.

Here are some of the causes of this condition;

Genetic factors

The condition is associated with family history meaning, it is an innate condition and there is nothing you can do about it. However, ensure that you consider a well-balanced diet to prevent it from worsening to a more serious condition.


Have you been eating a well-balanced diet meal or do you skip your meals? lack of adequate nourishment could be the reason why you are experiencing this condition. Not including some fruits to your daily diets can also pose greater risks. Avoid skipping some of the most important meals like breakfast in your life. It is perilous than you can imagine.

Pustular psoriasis

It is a noncontagious disease whose main symptom is grey or silvery flaky patches on the skin which are red and inflamed underneath when scratched. If not treated in a timely fashion, the disease can progress to the tongue and cause cracked tongue.