"Someone's money is tied" Says A Twitter User After Seeing What Looks Like Witchcraft

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Witchcraft is something that we all have heard about since we have been on this earth. And there are also some scary stories people have shared who have experienced witchcraft.

It is very common for people to become victims of witchcraft, especially in Africa and the Black community, and people close to them to visit witch doctors just so they can curse their lives.It is quite scary to know that people you know might be the ones responsible for your downfall, especially if they use witchcraft.

 In many African societies, witches are thought to act unintentionally; oblivious to the harm they cause, they are driven by irrepressible urges to act malevolently.It is also easy for people accused of witchcraft but who are not aware of wishing anyone ill to conclude that they did what is attributed to them unwittingly.

 Witchcraft discusses the conundrum that arises when one tries to figure out why bad luck comes to oneself rather than someone else. It explains life's disparities, such as why some people's crops or herds fail while others thrive.

Not a lot of people believe that witchcraft is real and some do, and quite a few stories have been shared which are scary. A Twitter user shared a post of money being surrounded by a suspicious drawing and captioned it by saying that "someone's money is locked". This simply means that witchcraft is taking place and someone's money has been tied so that they can have money problems or for them to struggle with getting opportunities of money. 

Many people who saw the post reacted in shock, seeing that there are actually people who go out of their way to make others' lives difficult. This is how people reacted: 

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