Weird Fashion Life Hacks That Every Girl Cannot Live Without


Hide your bra straps with a paper clip

If you happen to buy an open shoulder dress but don't have a strapless bra, there's no need to rush to the nearest lingerie shop. Simply take a paper clip, insert one strap into one end of it and the second one on the other side.

Shave your sweater to get rid of fuzz balls

Using this trick can help you make your old sweater look brand new, take a razor blade, it is recommended that you use razor blade for facial hair, gently rub your sweater with it to remove all the fuzz. But keep in mind that you have to be careful and avoid tearing up your clothes.

Keep your underwear from showing

Showing panty lines can ruin even the most perfect outfit. If you want to achieve a smooth and seamless look, use special designed shapewear that prevents underwear from showing but also accentuates your best features. Special strapless panties may be a good option for women who want to completely get rid of panty lines but are not ready to go commando.

Put baking soda in your running shoes

This trick will help you to deal with the problem of shoe odor. Simply take baking soda, wrap it in a small piece of cloth, and put it in your shoes overnight. You can also sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside your shoes, but keep in mind that you can't put baking soda straight into leather or suede shoes because it will make them brittle.

Remove gum from your clothes

Don't worry if the gum has stuck on your clothes. Just take an ice cube, cool the gum, and then flick it off with a butter knife. This trick works perfectly because gum quickly responds to changes in temperature. Keep in mind that you shouldn't try to scrape or peel it off as it will make things way worse.

Clean silver jewelry with ketchup

This may completely sound crazy, but it really works. Squeeze some ketchup onto a soft square of cloth, rub it into your silver jewelry, and then remove the ketchup. Your jewelry will shine more than ever!

Use Scotch tape to keep your bra in place

Double-sided tape will can be used when you don't have a suitable bra to wear. Place a piece of tape on the bra strap on your back, and then press your clothes onto the strap. It can also be place on the side of your breasts to keep your bra in place in case it's a little bit wide for you.

Apply nail polish to avoid green marks from a ring

Rings can turn your finger green because of the chemical reaction between acids and other substances on your skin and the metal of the ring. This usually happens with rings made from copper, but some other metals may also be prone to such a reaction. To prevent discoloration of your skin, just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish because it will create a barrier, and the metal won't turn your finger green.