Good news PSL : when can fans return to stadiums to watch soccer

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YSince 2020 Covid-19 has closed doors for fans to gather in stadiums to watch theirr favourite teams. Mzansi soccer fans have waited and glued themselves to their televisions as the president announced the covid-19 stages and regulations.

First there was a law of FIFA that said soccer should not be mixed with a country's politics. This law had to be udjusted as the covid-19 pandemic was getting worse and killing a large number of people.

The president announced that no soccer fans will be allowed at stadiums since 2020 till now, but what is more ironic about this is that when political parties host their events they hosted in stadiums full of people.

Julous Malema has recently reacted to the matter and want soccer fans to be allowed to go to stadiums to watvh their favourite teams play.

The league is about to open and the DSTV compact cup is on its way this weekend and fans should rejoice as there is hope.

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