Tips for Rocking Men's Ankara shirts

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Ankara Shirt designs for men have been trending, and it's not strange to see many male celebrities and fashionable men rocking them. Whether you crave a formal or casual appearance, Ankara shirts can help you achieve this. With many vibrant patterns, you can never go wrong or appear unprepared with an Ankara fabric. However, you must know how to wear your Ankara fabric to make it manly and classy.

This article will show you simple tips to rock Ankara shirts without looking out of place.

Go for plain bottoms

If you want to appear manly in your Ankara shirt, you should go for plain trousers. With the patterns of Ankara fabric, it can sometimes be distracting to wear another patterned trouser. This style will also help you balance out your outfit.

Wear suitable footwear

The particular shoes you choose with your Ankara shirt depends on the trouser you wear. If you wear pants/chinos, you should go for Oxford dress shoes or moccasins. This dressing can fit into a casual Friday dress. However, if you want jeans, sneakers and sandals are suitable options.

Wear the right color trouser

Aside from choosing plain trousers, you should consider the color of your trousers so that you don't appear like a clown. It is best to base your trouser color on the shades of your Ankara. For instance, if brown is the less dominant color on your fabric, you can wear brown trousers.

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