Walitesa! Times Diamond And Zari served their fans with couple goals

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Zari the boss lady is a Ugandan socialite entrepreneur and business woman. She came to the Limelight after dating the Tanzanian top bongo artist Diamond Platinum.

The two were the talk of town. Everyone envied their relationship.during the time they were getting they attracted a large number of both haters and supporters.

Before Zari was engaged to Diamond, Zari had previously been married to a Ugandan Tycoon called the Late Ivan Don. Zari and Ivan had sired three sons together. However things went sour between the couple and Zari decided to divorce Ivan.

Zari later on got engaged to Diamond. People hated on Zari because she had previously been married and she was a little bit older than Diamond but that did not prevent the couple from serving us with couple goals.

Zari sired two kids for Diamond called Princess Tiffah and Prince Nilan. However their relationship was short lived. This is after diamond decided to cheat on Zari with a top Tanzania model called Hamisa Mobetto.

Zari used to live in South Africa and would visit Tanzania once in a while and during the times she was away that's the time Diamond would cheat on Zari.

Hamisa and Diamond even Sired a son together called Dylan. Zari could not believe it after Hamisa leaked videos of her getting cosy with Diamond at a time Zari was still married to Diamond. Zari ended her relationship but she still Co parents with Diamond. See photos below to show Diamond and Zari were the ideal couple

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