Reason why this boy is reading hard.


The West African Certificate Examination as we all know is one that demands hard learning of students to excel. This boy in the post is in his final year at Keta Senior High Technical School (KSHT) in the Voltage Region.

When we talk of the best Schools in the Voltage Region, the first school we look at is KSHT. This School, during the recent National Science And Maths Quiz competitions, came out the best and the winner of the cup this May 2021.

It therefore implies that, this boy being a student of this respected Senior High School, must sit down and study hard in order not to be marginalized in the examinations.

As you see him in the picture above, he is always studying and since he is a science student, he always combines all the electives and read one after the other at a goal.

Now the next move he always carries out as I rightly said in the headline is that, he always undergoes a meditation process called Zazen practice. This practice originated from the Southern part of India, and it is founded by Gautama, a Prince who wanted to understand the reason why some people suffer whilst others enjoy.

I promise you if this boy continues this practices as I have noticed, he will pass with extinction and have the best or top first student in the West African Certificate Examination.

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