Bungoma Girl Who Was Knocked Out By Wangamati-led Scholarship Program Gets Funding

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It was joy, hapiness, gratitude after Bungoma girl gets fee funding from well-wishers. Diana Nyokabi was set to repeat class 8 at Bungoma D.E.B Primary after failing to raise the fee threshold of Ksh. 53,554. The girl was earlier removed from the county scholarship beneficiary program on grounds that the family wasn't needy.

The Bottom-up model enthusiast and Tanga Tanga disciple Anwar Saddat donated $300 towards the girl's education. He however expressed dissatisfaction on the Wangamati-led scholarship programme for knocking out the girl.

"This is sickening. There are things that shouldn't happen...this girl should be taken to High School at whatever cost."

Earlier Nicholas Airo of NAS International Holdings remitted Kshs. 40,000 to the school's account towards settlement of the learner's form one fees. Kshs. 190,00 have since been raised towards the girl's fee kitty.

Diana's mother Priscilla Nyachera expressed gratitude to the well wishers who came to her daughter's rescue. Nyachera is a grocery vendor in Bungoma town.

Nyokabi's dreams to being a lawyer gets going.

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