Simple Boy Spotted With Cartoon Comedian Hours After Saying That he Never Had 'Sex' With Pritty

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Stevo has caught people's attention on different social media platforms. This is after his latest photo with Cartoon Comedian was shared online.

According to the photo, the two popular celebrities were at unknown areas where they were pausing for the photo. Remember, this photo of Stevo and Cartoon came hours after Stevo said that he never made love with Pritty who used to be his girlfriend.

Now this photo of Stevo and Cartoon Comedian it's currently rotating on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions.

Many are out to ask Stevo if he has moved on with Cartoon while, others are out tagging Stevo's ex concerning this viral photo at the same time.

Anyway what do you have to say about this photo of Stevo with Cartoon that it's going round on different social media platforms!?

Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends. Below are some of the reactions:

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