Check Out Bervely Osu's Reaction After Namibian Actress Maria Shared Photos Of Herself In Bikini

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Maria Nepembe is a Namibian actress, model and media influencer. She's one of those Namibian celebrities who keep entertaining their fans with their lovely photos . She has also shared another photos revealing her in bikini outfits.

One cannot doubt the beautiful nature of the actress after taking a glance at the photos. The photos which were shared on Instagram has gathered various reactions from people, including Nigerian celebrities. Many of her fans were pleased with the photos. Nigerian actress Bervely Osu is among those who expressed their feelings for the photos.

Upon reacting, Bervely called Maria her wife. She also confessed missing the Namibian actress. Notwithstanding, Maria replied that they will meet soon.

The two actresses are known to have engaged in a very friendly relationship. This is because they both participated in the Big Brother Africa season 8 edition. Bervely's reply is a sign that they still maintain their relationship.

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