Good News As Ministry Of Education Releases Setbooks To Be Done In Schools


The ministry of education in collaboration with the Kenya institute of curriculum development has released new set books to be done in schools. The setbooks are affecting the current form two's who will be moving to form three by next month.

The new setbooks have already been procured by the ministry and will be sent to schools by the government. No learner is supposed to buy those setbooks as they will be offered by the Ministry.

Those changes in setbooks include;

In English,

1. Fathers of Nations by Paul B. Vita will replace blossoms of Savannah,by Henry Ole Kulet.

2. Parliament of Owls (EAEB) will replace the The Pearl by John Steinberk.

3. A silence Song and other stories (spotlight pub) will replace Memories we lost and other stories.

In kiswahili.

1. Cheche za Moto, by John Habwe will replace Chozi la Heri.

2. Mapambazuko ya Machweo, will replace tumbo lisiloshiba.

The changes takes effect with an immediate effect. This has come as students return to schools after the short break.

We wish teachers and students all the best as they start over after the holiday.