CCTV Captures Scary Daylight Gunpoint Robbery In Nairobi (Video)


Robbery in Nairobi is gradually being taken to another level where the situation is really getting worse. This happens as it emerges that most of the thugs running the city are armed with guns which they use to attack people. The worst thing is that these robberies are being conducted in broad day light.

This sends a strong message about the moral deterioration in the society. A shocking video has just emerged showing how daring thugs robbed in broad daylight at gunpoint in one of the city states. According to what has been revealed by the video, the thugs are seen mugging the members of the public before they escaped on a motorbike.

YouTube video link:

Such incidences have been reported several times where the thugs now own bikes for easy escape after concluding their missions. Such cases have become rampant in Nairobi. Unfortunately, most of the people who fall victims are Bodaboda riders who are just trying to put on table for their families.