The First Kenyan To Deposit Over KSh.1 Million In a Bank


He is indeed a celebrated person in Kenya's history who left behind some legacy as disclosed by The source has confirmed that he deposited one billion shillings making him the first Kenyan to do so.

He worked as the Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya. Philip Ndegwa is his name. For him to deposit such an amount of money during those times indicates that he was one of the wealthiest people in the country.

He pursued his secondary education at Alliance High school. The alumni of this institution are known to be proud people who love to tell where they studied. 

Philip Ndegwa was also a student at Makerere University. He was a prominent person in the government who advised them in Economics and planning.

He served as the second Governor of the Central Bank after Duncan Ndegwa who was the first. He had a lot of wealth which he accumulated when working. 


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